mission & Vision

Redemption Housing is a transformational reentry organization that offers faith-based programming and community support to Philadelphians coming out of incarceration, guiding them toward healthy and meaningful lives.

Mission & Vision

We believe that people have an inborn desire to connect with those around them and be a part of something greater than themselves, but returning citizens are often excluded from making these connections due to the mistakes of their past.

Our mission is to bring God’s healing and restoration to those affected by incarceration and resulting homelessness, by providing housing as they transition back into the community. We provide a safe space where they can connect with a holistic range of social services, find meaningful employment, and locate long-term housing.

Our vision is to be a network of transitional reentry homes that provide safe, stable, structured, and sober living arrangements. Our residents will be proud of where they live, receive our ongoing support, and journey with each other into the care of the community.

Why Is This Needed?

According to a nationwide study in 2005, more than a third of returning citizens who are arrested within five years of their release are arrested within the first 6 months, with more than half arrested by the end of the first year. These statistics point to the need for safe and supportive communities where returning citizens are able to further their rehabilitation and decrease their likelihood of recidivism. Unfortunately, recovery homes often have procedures and policies in place which screen out returning citizens. Therefore, many returning citizens have been “falling through the cracks,” forced to turn to emergency homeless shelters due to this lack of reentry support.

Core Values

  • We value our faith. We believe that complete recovery and true redemption can be found only through a relationship with God. Our programs are faith-based.
  • We value the support of our community. We believe that our relationships with those around us are a reflection of our relationship with God. Community support is intrinsic in developing a life that is healthy and meaningful.
  • We value our residents as whole persons. We believe that all people are children of God and commit to treating them as such. We also believe that people have complex needs and therefore recovery is holistic in nature. We focus on the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional person.
  • We value the environments that we create. We believe that the way in which we steward our space is a direct reflection of the way in which we value our residents. We therefore commit to maintaining safe, secure, and hospitable homes for those in our care.