Education and Advocacy

One of the most difficult aspects of homelessness can be the feeling of invisibility that accompanies a passerby’s averted gaze or an ignored phone call from a friend or family member. When your community fails to value your humanity, you slowly begin to question your own self-worth. While Redemption Housing works to restore our residents’ dignity, we understand that many of us do not quite know how to respond to homeless or formerly incarcerated persons in our midst.

What should you do when a homeless person asks you for spare change at a stoplight?

How would you respond to a returning citizen visiting your church on a Sunday morning?

What is the most effective way for you to volunteer your time in alleviating poverty in your community?

Our leaders and staff are are energising and passionate. If you need a workshop leader or preacher for groups of any size, on topics ranging from restorative justice, to effective ministry, to appropriate responses to poverty in your city, we are available to you.

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