Redemption Housing was recently awarded a modest grant, providing the funding to launch the Next Level Program!

Because it is often difficult for returning citizens to earn a living wage, even when they are doing everything right, they might find themselves struggling to make their rent payments each month. For a minimal program fee, the three residents of Redemption Housing’s Next Level Program will be provided with private rooms, a communal living space, and the support of a community.

The Next Level Program is scheduled to open its doors on October 1st, the day after the Day One Challenge.

In the meantime, we’re working hard to furnish our new property! If you would like to donate furniture or household supplies, email us at [email protected]. 

Together, we have raised more than sixty percent of the funds necessary to launch Barnabas House! As we work towards this goal, we pray that the Next Level Program will help Redemption Housing to build healthier connections with the local church, community partners, and volunteers.

Click here to access a PDF copy of Redemption Housing’s August Newsletter.